wooptity poop scoop nigga you built like Mr Grey AKA lightskin slayer and MS-13 annihilator.
Nigga you truly are a kentucky derby anal piledriver pulling up on that migrant camp.
by black doofenshmirtz April 2, 2021
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Numbing the upper extremadies of a voluntary significant other with Novacane (or drug of choice), the wrapping your silly willy with moose jerky and proceeding to piledrive that thang into next week. The drug usage is only meant to make it more comfortable and is completely optional if you are a savage. When climaxing, typically the male and female match tonal frequencies in the celebratory imitation of a moose climax. First attempted by the WWE wrestler "Moose" who was both an expert at piledriving, and being a Moose.
Person 1: "Have you heard of this thing called the Moose piledriver?"

Person 2: "Yeah dude, I heard that's what gay people do"

Person 1: "Don't be a fucking homophobe, Tom, Jesus. If a man wants to wrap his dick in Moose jerky and shove it in his partner, HE CAN DO THAT OKAY, IT'S 2017, MAN."

Person 2: "I wasn't being homophobic it was just a joke, Brad."

Person 1: "Yeah, well I did a Moose Piledriver last week with my girlfriend so that proves it's not just 'a thing gay people do'."

Person 2: "Yeah, but it's still fucking weird. You're disgusting"

Person 1: "It's 2017 Tom, get hip."
by 69 Moose Pile Drive June 16, 2017
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When a girl lays face down with her ass in the air,cheeks spread, and a guy jumps off the top ropes into her ass
“Did you see Cyrstals ass. It looks like it would handle a Romanian Piledriver.”
by Joe the one August 25, 2020
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When a woman is being fucked in the piledriver position. The the man ejaculates and pools his cum in the crevice of her ass and pussy.
The man then allows the cums to drip down onto the face and mouth of the woman that is below. This is a Canadian piledriver waterfall.
My girlfriend was in a piledriver position when I came. So I dripped my cum all over her face giving her a canadian piledriver waterfall.
by whtronin February 21, 2022
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A Piledriver is a wrestling driver move in which the wrestler grabs his opponent, turns him upside-down, and drops into a sitting or kneeling position, driving the opponent's head into the mat.

The most common piledrivers are the basic belly-to-back, or Texas piledriver, and the belly-to-belly tombstone piledriver popularized by The Undertaker, but many more intricate variants are in use.

Piledrivers are generally considered to be one of the more dangerous maneuvers in wrestling because of the impact on the head and compression of the neck; if even slightly botched, the move can cause serious injury, even paralysis. A standard kayfabe piledriver properly done has the head barely touching the ground, if at all.

A standard piledriver is banned in World Wrestling Entertainment, although they are still used on rare occasions. It is also considered an automatic disqualification in pro wrestling matches held in Memphis, Tennessee, as the move is banned in that city. (Jerry Lawler, a wrestler and promoter in that city, uses a piledriver as one of his finishing moves.) In some promotions in the United Kingdom, the move can result in not only a disqualification, but a fine. In Mexico, the piledriver (called a Martinete) is an automatic disqualification. A Martinete generally refers to the tombstone piledriver and/or its variations, but it is also used for other variations.
by WCG847 February 24, 2021
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When a women gets into the piledriver position, and a shotglass is inserted into her pussy. A drink is poured into the shotglass, then someone puts his face into the women's crotch and uses their mouth only to grab the shot glass then shoots back the drink.
I drank shot, after shot of alcohol from my girlfriends piledriver shooters from her pussy while in the piledriver position.
by whtronin March 22, 2021
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A sandwich to end all sandwiches the Pittsburgh Piledriver consists of 4 bread buttered and grilled and 2 pattys as well as 4 eggs and 3 cheese. It is made by making two separate sandwiches with the pattys using the bread in the manner of a burger then putting the layer of eggs and cheese between these two when you stack them on top of each other. This Legendary sandwich is made exclusively by Lil Pancho and stories say that no man has ever been able to eat a single bite for a minimum 6 hours after consuming this sandwich.
ate a pittsburgh piledriver and havent been hungry in weeks
by lilpancho April 2, 2019
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