11 definitions by whtronin

When a women spreads herself, and digs one or more of her fingers deep into herself. Can be either a pussy finger dig, or ass finger dig.
I knew she was ready for sex, because she spread her pussy and began to finger dig herself until she was juicy.
by whtronin June 02, 2015
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Double finger tested is a process to test the woman's pussy or ass to determine if she is ready to be penetrated with his meat.
While I was having sex with my wife in her pussy, she asked me to double finger tested her ass to determine if she was ready for anal.
by whtronin October 22, 2017
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Inserting both thumbs into the women's pussy with palms grabbing with the butts cheeks, or inner thigh.
Then spreading the pussy open. The hands resemble the wings of a flying butterfly.
She layed down on her back, and spread her legs wide open. I inserted both my thumbs into her pussy, gripped her inner thights with my palms. I then spread her pussy the resembled a flying pink butterfly.
by whtronin June 21, 2021
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is it a women that has delicious legs, and a juicy middle. To have a leg lollipop is to grab the lollipop stick ( the women's legs) with you hands, remove the wrapping (clothes), and then begin to lick the woman's pelvic area. After a little licking a juicy spot will be discovered, at which point you fully engulf the juicy middle into your mouth for enjoyment. E.g If a woman asks you for a"leg lollipop", or "lollipop" then she is asking you to lick her juicy middle.
I sat with her at a coffee bar, she whispered to me "wanna have a legs lollipop". So I took her to a private place and while I stood her against a wall, I dropped down to my knees, peeled away her clothing wrapper. After the clothing wrapper was pulled out of the way, I began to lick her juicy middle.
by whtronin April 30, 2015
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It is when you have sex with your partner in the "pile driver" AKA Halasana yoga pose. When it is time for the man to cum, he pulls out and shoots his cum down onto the woman and straight down onto her face.
My girlfriend loves her yoga positions. There was a time when I had her in the Halasana position, and when I was about to cum, I pulled my cock out from her pussy and shot my load down onto her inverted body and face. I looked down at her inverted body, her pussy up in the air with her legs spread wide, and her face totally covered with my cum. She smiled and stated "I love that position, and now with all the hot cum, it was the perfect Halasana money shot".
by whtronin February 15, 2018
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When a man's cumshot flows out, and dribbles down the length of his penis from the tip. The cum then dribbles off and down onto the womans face or body.
My girlfriend loves to catch the cum cascade that flow down the length of my penis and onto her face below.
by whtronin April 17, 2018
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When a man cums 4 times in a sexual encounter, that is in each of the women's 3 holes, then once on her face.
I came in her pussy, her ass, in her mouth, and on her face for the ultimate cumshot quadfecta.
by whtronin March 11, 2021
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