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The act of joining something that already exists.
Piggybacking on Alex's release.
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by really_nevah May 30, 2018
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The act of trying to get into a subway station without paying. The name originates from the method, in that someone will wait for another passenger to pay, and when the gates open, the other person will immediately walk in right behind them so the gates don't close immediately. This only works with fare gates that open and close automatically, and not turnstiles.

The word is believed to have originated in Boston, where the act became more common after the MBTA increased fare prices.
As I was going into the subway station today, someone bumped into me from behind. When I turned around, the transit cops were giving him a ticket for piggybacking.
by Mr. X-103 February 27, 2013
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sex with a plus-sized person in the doggy-style position
It was too hard to get her legs far enough apart, so piggybacking was the only option that would work.
by capethom February 20, 2011
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after not drinking or smoking weed for a while and your buzz dulls you drink or smoke again using what's in your system to get you back to the buzzed state or beyond it
dude after not smoking for an hour i smoked again and was piggybacking off that first time.
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by pathofopposites July 25, 2017
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This is a term used for the concept of when a person unenlightened about club drugs wants to buy ecstasy. Usually the dealer will give them something other than ecstasy that takes longer to create an affect. The uneducated person knows enough to know that ecstasy takes about half an hour to start working. So, once the drug doesnt work within half an hour they will go back to dealer to ask for another pill. The dealer will then give the person another pill of the same kind. This will then kill the person because little did they know that the drug they took was something much stronger (PMA or China White). One of these pills can kill you, let alone two. The dealer does not care because they made their money.

This whole act of taking one pill and then another right after because of not knowing better and a drug dealer not caring is pigg-backing

PMA - Even more powerful than Ecstasy. Takes a little longer to take effect. A CAT scan of somebody's brain because of use of this drug showed empty gaps in their brain.

China White - three pills that look the same as ecstasy and sold as ecstasy. Contains DOB, which is a very potent drug and can easily lead to overdose.
Kid(doesnt know much about ecstasy)

Kid: u got any 'E'?
Dealer: Sure *holds out hand* pick one.
Dealer: Since u seem young I'm going to give you a break and give you 1 for 25. (really not giving kid a deal)
Kid: Thanks
Kid takes 'E' but takes a long time to
Kid: *goes back to dealer* this isn't working, do you think i can get another one?
Dealer: Sure

Later on, kid drops dead on the dance floor
by King C May 01, 2005
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Latching onto a person more knowledgable of the locations of ass and the process of getting it.
I piggybacked off a guy last night and he brought me to a great lay. Thanks guy.
by Jesse Adams October 17, 2004
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