A drunker is a person who gets drunk often. Similar to an alcoholic. Mainly known as the drinking version of a stoner.
"He drinks like everyday and is always just trying to get drunk."

"Yeah dude hes such a drunker."
by E n' N October 14, 2009
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... Is a real deffinition necessary? You're drunker than drunk... Now drink more to level up to drunkerest
I'm feelin drunkerer than u...
by naSTi06 November 20, 2009
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A video conference call during which participants consume alcohol
Send me a Zoom link for that drunkerence please
by Eliuha April 9, 2020
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When one is drunk and drinking more to get drunker.
We were sitting around and getting drunkering.
by Zoswinner December 12, 2016
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A male who drinks a lot and entices other males to get drunk so he may take advantage of them. A “drunker” enjoys anal sex with males however claims he is not gay. “drunkers” often mock homosexuals in public situations and then engage in sexual acts with them behind closed doors.
Watch out that guy is a drunker! You hangout with him and you will wake up with a sore asshole and looking like a Crazy Pale.
by Anonymous July 22, 2004
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Drunk as fuck, probably derives from the song & video "Drunker Than Satan" that became popular on the internet in 2008.
"Hahaha, holy shit! Josh was drunker than I've ever seen last night, but Kyle was drunker than Satan!!!!!"
by Blackjackolantern October 27, 2008
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Excessive pride in one's drunkenness. The need to prove that one is in a superior state of inebriation than others.
Person 1: "AH im like blackout drunk right now!"
Person 2: "We're all having a good time, no need to act drunker than thou."
by princeofpersiaaaaaa November 4, 2011
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