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The state of trance one enters when fully engulfed with a text/app/email on a mobile device. Generally involves a brief intermission of any interaction with that individual.
Joe- I'm starving. Time to feast?
Rich- Yeah, I'm down. Dave, you down, too?


Where the hell is Dave?
Joe- Ummm, way back there *points to an individual standing by them self, about 100' behind the group, texting*
Rich- Dave and his damn phone comas.
by JosesRoo October 10, 2011
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When someone is focused only on their phone and nothing else.

Completely ignorant to the outside world.

Usually this person is standing or walking slow as balls
with their eyes glued to their phone.
I told Brad the story about my ex, but he was in a phone-coma he didn't hear anything I said.

Bro, that guy almost got hit by a car and he didn't even notice!

I know bro, he's in a phone-coma.
by IsaiahtheBatman (ABH) October 10, 2011
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