when you are in the middle of having sex and need a break, u pull out and the girl licks ur testicles until u have the energy to resume.
Sorry babe, im so beat. Im callin an intermission on this bang sesh.
by jeffmiller5 March 13, 2009
The vacation break in school between first and second semester.
Over intermission, I'll reconnect with her.
by Ereck Flowers November 24, 2018
a word used for after sex hiatus session
" last night i got tired in sex so i stopped pulled out lit a cigarette for intermission, flipped her over and went in for seconds"
by D.O.D March 22, 2007
A period of time at a party where everyone stops partying to hide all of the alcohol for fear that cops or parents have showed up.
John: Hey, why is everyone hiding all the booze?

Jake: Prohibition intermission man, they saw a cop drive by.
by Bstaff19 February 28, 2011
When a middle-aged man or older takes a break from his marital duties and spouse and acts like he is single without any responsibilities or obligation to his family or spouse.
My dad has been in Vegas for 2 weeks, taking a gentleman's intermission from my mom.
by pureh November 5, 2010
The length of time between a person farting and when that fart is first smelled.
The fartuvial intermission was just long enough for Mike to slip below the pew in church, thus leaving his wife to take the blame for the foul smell.
by Stanley Sultanpuss January 3, 2009
When two movie characters with no previous chemistry stop a movie dead in its tracks to have sex.
Wow, The Room has a lot of sex intermissions.
by matchup March 17, 2016