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A word said or shouted to make the people you're with drink their alcoholic beverage.
Random person: "Phive!"
Random people: *Chugs*
by Nochulis November 25, 2013
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1. The Destroyer, Son of Lucifer the Mighty. Hails from the deepest depths of hell, where no mortal soul has ever ventured. In his free time, he
slaughters ethnic minorities. Sometimes, he even eats them. Known for assisting in the creation of the third reich, the "Clear House" of 2003, NHS, and the invention of the term "genocide". Currently planning his "Clear House" of 2004 and the establishment of the fourth reich. Most recently seen on the streets of Zimbabwe throwing civilians across cities or into the mountains. (Caution: If you are an ethnic minory, run in the opposite direction as quickly as possible upon seeing The Destroyer. If your mile time is two minutes or above, forget running and use the last moments of your life to make any last calls on your cell phone to relatives or close friends.)
Policeman 1: Oh my god. Why is that half of that man's head in the toilet and the other half inside the vegetable slicer?
Policeman 2: I think Phive happened.
by Phive's Slave October 19, 2003
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