A totally dope white rapper who grew up in oakland and Berkeley, both of which are cities in the Bay Area of Northern California. He makes his own beats, doesnt steal anyone elses. He is currently in New Orleans, recording and in college. His songs include Waspy, Outta Pocket, and Netflix. Hes pretty much the shit.
Whatchu listenin to man?
G-Eazy. Outta pocket
Why? What did i say?
Thats the name of the song stupid.
by Dr3$$edt0tha9s July 11, 2011
”Did Harry sleep with Johns Girlfriend?“
”Yeah, he pulled a G-Eazy“
by MoMahe June 22, 2019
a rapper who has made appearences with upcoming and bid time artists like Bebe rexha and Grace.
FUN FACT: The G IN G-easy stands for his accual name which is Gerald
"I love 'me, myself, and i' By G-eazy
by MaddyC￶😈 March 13, 2017
Also known as G-Sleazy. Scumbag who used Halsey to further his career and then cheated on her over and over.
Halsey and G-Eazy dated for over a year before splitting in 2018. She wrote her hit breakup song "Without Me" about him and has heavily implied that he cheated many times.
by bextra September 11, 2020
Coldest white rapper in the game since the one with the bleached hair! He slays and is the best rapper ever he's comin when it's dark out cause you know when these things happen, he used to be an outsider livin an endless summer ! From the bay to the universe is his journey ! Go listen to his beats they're fire he slays every track making you melt inside!
G-eazy is the waviest!
by Geazyyy February 24, 2016
A white boy but a legend that slays in and outside of the bedroom. He doesn’t have to try cause he been in the game for a while and knows what he is doing.
He is G Eazy because he was fucking with your best friend.
by Hdhshehhe February 10, 2020