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A co-ed preparatory school for boarding and day students in grades 9-12, located in Andover, MA.

Campus size: 500 acres
Avg SAT: 2008
Endowment size: $820 million
Yearly tuition (boarding students): $39,100
Pops: Sorry honey, tell Madison his father has to stay at the office real late. Oh, and tell Consuela she has to take him to Kumon tonight.

Mother: Well Clive, I why don't we just send the boy to Phillips Academy. I don't want to keep on making Consuela stay late. She already complained to me about his tantrums and his spoiled behaviour. I am not going let that little fucker drive her to quit- I need my personal time Clive! I need that woman!

Pops: Alright I'll call Henry and see if I can pull some strings. And check with the SSAT tutors and tell them we'll pay whatever they want to put him to the soonest slot.
by MadisonBarnes January 06, 2009
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A High School in Andover Massachusetts. Nick name being "cat boners". All the kids tha go there are rich and assholes. They think they're the coolest kids alive. Oh did i mention they are HUGE CAT BONERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cat Boner, one who bones cats in Phillips Academy
by Cobalt Avenger December 09, 2008
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A large and prestigious boarding school in Andover, MA. The school has needs-blind admissions and all are accepted on their own merits, not ability of parents to pay.

The school is huge: five different residential clusters, with five different Disciplinary Committees. In recent years the new Head of School has led a charge towards Political Correctness. So the most popular campus pastime is playing β€œI’m not privileged.” This is ironic at a school that only accepts one of eight applicants and has nearly a billion dollar endowment.

The school emphasizes that students have to be β€œNice.” This is offset by faculty who barely know the kids. It’s the same old β€œSink or Swim,” School that it’s been for 250 years, with a new Politically Correct face.
Phillips Academy used to pipeline students to the Ivies: that’s ancient history.
by ImproperBostonian June 23, 2018
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