Phillip is a kind soul that you'll love. If you ever are lucky enough to meet a Phillip you will always be laughing your ass off. A Phillip will be your bff!!
Amanda-"OMFG I love Phillip so much!"
Ivanka- "Phillip gave me some good head"
Amanda "Phillip is the best bff in the world"
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by amandaddy w December 05, 2018
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Known as the coolest kid in the world to males, and an absolute stud who has the best body around to females. The name Phillip is replaceable with God.
Matt: Phillip, your the man!
Random girl 1: OMG YOU ARE SO HOTT! Can I have some of your nuts!?!?!?!
Phillip: Uhh, sure? *hands her a can of peanuts*
by Matt T.. January 24, 2009
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Phillip or Phill is a kind individual who always encourages others. He has a soft heart and leads by example. Phillips are very wise and relaxed. May be soft spoken or shy at first but has good intentions. Very patient. A good role model and teacher figure. Gentle but expects much because he believes in people.
That man was so kind and witty! He must be a Phillip.

I can't believe that guy ran out to your car in the rain just to give you your bag. That's so Phillip!

He knew she was going to steal from me. That's pretty Phillip that he knew!
by Truthgirl77 April 18, 2017
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a beautiful person that i hope to spend the rest of my life with. an amazing boyfriend, singer, person and son.
by imblueifiweregreeniwoulddie February 07, 2010
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The name of all nickels that are found. No matter how many exist, they are always named Phillip.
Hey! Look! I found a nickel! Ill name him Phillip! Yay Phillip!
by .,.,.,. December 03, 2008
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the name Phillip means a Sexy guy with the sexist body that all guys would dream of having
1st guy : aw He must be Phillip
2nd guy : Yeah i reckon aye he has a good body
by Tamara.Wolf February 20, 2009
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