Phillip with 2L’s is the most amazing, caring, unique and funny man you could ever meet. He’s good looking and an amazing lover, the kind of guy who makes you believe in love again. An incredibly faithful guy and a man that will always call you beautiful when you look a mess. He’s goofy and childish at times but that just makes him fun to be around and makes you like him more and more. He’s a little bit of an geeky introvert with a love for comics, anime and games with a crazy personality and an adventurous side. A Phillip is the best hugger you can find.
If you find a Phillip keep him close.
by Pandasloth1914 November 26, 2021
This name describes a man of great intelligence and humour. His quiet and orderly facade hides a superhero. He may be a mild mannered man by day, sitting in a library perhaps, but by night he comes alive. Like a cat, he is self-assured and arrogant, and can strike without warning, claws out. He is often found in thrift stores or at art museums, or sometimes rushing to the rescue of those in need. He is thoughtful and brilliant and loved by cats everywhere. Though some may find his politics or humour offensive, others are incredibly attracted to just that. If you are lucky enough to find a Phillip by random chance, feed him often and always be playful.
John - Is that Batman?
Mrs. Fancy - no, no, that is Phillip!!!
John - oh, he is now a superhero?
Mrs. Fancy - he always was!!
by catgirl19 June 17, 2011
Phillip is a kind soul that you'll love. If you ever are lucky enough to meet a Phillip you will always be laughing your ass off. A Phillip will be your bff!!
Amanda-"OMFG I love Phillip so much!"
Ivanka- "Phillip gave me some good head"
Amanda "Phillip is the best bff in the world"
by amandaddy w December 5, 2018
The most amazing person you will ever meet. Lively and so funny. Has the best taste in music and films. A big geek when it comes to films like LOTR and Harry Potter. Can brighten up anyones day, but their own. Happy and cheerful when around people but when they're alone they fall apart. Any girl would be lucky to have this magnificent human being, they are perfect in every single way.
"Woah, that boy has an amazing taste in music!" "Yeah, I know, he's such a Phillip."
by iloveLOTR June 25, 2013
Very attractive male; known for his incredible good looks, he is the reason you wake up in the morning. Basically he IS the shit.
Mike: Hey, look its phillip!
John: Yeah, he's the shit!
by _Hickey_ February 6, 2014
Defined as a strong spiritual believer. Makes up inside jokes instantly when you start being with one (a phillip). Always up for a good venting session, and never judges. Would kick any guys butt for his woman. ALWAYS has a woman. Ladies man to the extreme. Stands out in a crowed and wears adorable hats. Has more clothes than the normal boy should. Not gay. Mommas boy. God of SUMMER. Makes up redic raps about milfs. Loves milfs. Listens to everything you want them to hear. Never lets there guard down. Loves scary movies. Common phrase used: "Epic Fail." Extremely handsome and has an incredible sense of humor.
"Woah! I'm blinded! Who's that walking down the street?!"
"OH...That's a Phillip!"

*woman slips on ice.
Phillip: Epic Fail.
by otnameniloracnna February 6, 2009
Greek God of sex; known for his amazing looks and long endurance.
He's been going at it as long as Phillip!
by Phil Brockway January 25, 2009