Very attractive male; known for his incredible good looks, he is the reason you wake up in the morning. Basically he IS the shit.
Mike: Hey, look its phillip!
John: Yeah, he's the shit!
by _Hickey_ February 06, 2014
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Greek God of sex; known for his amazing looks and long endurance.
He's been going at it as long as Phillip!
by Phil Brockway January 24, 2009
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Modern Warfare 2 master, all the girls fall for him, has a big dick
boy 1: Dude i just got owned by a Phillip
boy 2: yea me 2
by the death227 May 21, 2011
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Phillip is a kind soul that you'll love. If you ever are lucky enough to meet a Phillip you will always be laughing your ass off. A Phillip will be your bff!!
Amanda-"OMFG I love Phillip so much!"
Ivanka- "Phillip gave me some good head"
Amanda "Phillip is the best bff in the world"
by amandaddy w December 05, 2018
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an amazing kid, always there for others. the best smile and a beautiful boy. he loves to make everyone laugh, and always there to give a helping hand. naturally good at everything he does, whether its singing, dancing, sports etc. he loves to chill with his mates. he likes to sit down and just play his guitar and always puts people in a happy mood when he does. he loves having loved ones around him all the time. he enjoys going for rides on his skateboard everywhere, and he never backs down from a challenge
mark: "that dude sure loves to play his guitar"
johnny "yeah he's a Phillip"
by kingkongbundy71 January 17, 2012
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Known as the coolest kid in the world to males, and an absolute stud who has the best body around to females. The name Phillip is replaceable with God.
Matt: Phillip, your the man!
Random girl 1: OMG YOU ARE SO HOTT! Can I have some of your nuts!?!?!?!
Phillip: Uhh, sure? *hands her a can of peanuts*
by Matt T.. January 24, 2009
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Phillip Is a lit person who loves video games and is trying to be quiet.Phillip is an amazing person, best friend. He has strong morals and is very intelligent. He is very empathetic and he never fails to try to make things better for those he cares for. He learns from his mistakes and improves for the future. He is incredibly understanding, patient and most of all forgiving.He's perfect in literally every way possible and he's probably the most hilarious person you will ever meet.
by xXMaster_DerpXx May 22, 2019
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