Sitting at work playing solitaire, while criticizing co-workers efforts. People who phil it are often managers who have bad home lives, so they spend a majority of their day fondling themselves in front of the office computer.
I would have gotten a raise but I spent my entire day philing it.
by Cream Waffer April 27, 2008
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Philes commonly refer to files about hacking in the days of BBSs. "Ph" may have been originally used as homage to the phone/phreak.

Other common abstractions of the word are t-files (shorthand for textfiles) and g-files (general files (etymology not certain)). The use of "ph" in lieu of "f" is arbitrary
I want to go hack some Philes
by patrico December 20, 2007
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The act of being Phil
a: how are you feeling
b: i'm philing like phil
a: no like how are you FEELING
b: i'm philing like phil
by PhilMcRich December 21, 2021
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To be ejected/thrown out of an establishment by being pickeed up by the back of your collar and the back of your trousers and tossed out of the door.
As the wealthy Uncle Phil (Will Smith's Uncle in The Fresh Prince of Bel Air) did to Will's low-life best friend, Jazz.
by Jennifer Brookes June 17, 2005
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A person who is a fan of the hit TV Show "X-Files"
I am such an X-Phile, fuck you Trekers.
by The Ù December 10, 2002
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A person who is a huge fan of the hit tv show "The X Files". Normally they will apply ever aspect of the show to everyday life. Can often be found making music videos to the show, writing fan fiction or creating digital art or manipulations with the shows main characters, Mulder and Scully. A true x phile should be able to quote every significant event throughout the 9 year run of the show. Possibly the only people to ever understand the complex conspiracy that just got more confusing as time went on.

Can be found anxiously anticipating the next x files movie.
"It will happen, I know it will!"
A typical x phile would be able to say any of these at least once every day and incorporate them into otherwise unrelated conversation.

"That was like that time in that episode in Season 3 when Mulder asked Scully to..."
"That's why they put the 'i' in FBI!"
"This must be conspiracy"
"Oo! I feel like I'm stuck in an X File"

Endlessly singing the Catatonia hit: "Things are getting strange I'm starting to worry. This could be a case for Mulder and Scully!"

Whilst watching TV: "That guy was once on the x files in an episode where Scully and Mulder...."

"Trust no one"

And of course: "The truth is out there!"
by requiem_x May 8, 2006
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