Stopper of evil, lord of the mustache, facts-wielding man of myth. Owns a tv show of the same name. People worship the blood and facial hair of Dr. Phil.
Friend: Why are you laying in a summoning circle?

Me: I just watched Dr. Phil.
by BJurv the Ambiguous May 25, 2022
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They call me daddy Phil not Dr Phil
Person 1 “Omg is that Dr Phil

Person 2 “Are u dumb that’s daddy Phil”

Person 3 “I think its Dr Phil but stick with daddy Phil”
by Daddy Phil October 5, 2020
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Sexiest man on earth. Only person I will let see my noodles 😌 will fix your daddy problems
Bro Dr Phil fixed my daddy problems..
by Cate Francy November 25, 2020
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Dr. Phil is a complex form of conciousness that exists at the middle rim of the observable universe, although it can be used in everyday sentences. But worry not, Dr. Phil is a peaceful force, so it won't mind
Aw shit, my friend dropped a big load of Dr. Phil in the toilet
by Richiebitche March 12, 2018
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The greatest and most powerful M&M in existence. It is a (fictional) card from the card game Yu-Gi-Oh.

Becomes an insta-kill card when
“You really thought I’d just let you attack? You fool. You activated my trap card! “The infusion!” By sending “You Know I had to do it to Em” and “Meme Review Doctor Phill” to my graveyard, I can fusion summon this; BEHOLD YUGI: Dr. Phil: The Ultimate Green M&M! Why stop there!? By sacrificing five dollas, my M&M’s attack will increase to Infinity! This duel, is OVER!
by Sabstrakt June 10, 2022
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When you take a pregnant fish, squeeze the eggs out, then use the eggs and other material as lubricant
Dude, I gave her a fishy Phil last night
by xx_mikeoxlong_xx September 2, 2017
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A BFQC that loves to say GFYS
I met this BFQC that told me GFYS. He's such a Dirty Phil.
by SICSIXICKS December 17, 2021
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