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Phil Swift is the greatest man in the world, he is the creator of Flex Seal products. We exist because of Phil Swift, we are children of Phil Swift. Phil Swift created the universe and all of us. Phil Swift started and will end time.
All hail Phil Swift!
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by Isurboi999 May 28, 2018
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phil swift is god. phil swift is all.
all hail phil swift!
by Phil swift March 13, 2018
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King of all Kings. Ruler of all. Omnipotent being. Power to create and to repair
All hail Phil Swift
by MangoEnterprise May 10, 2018
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God and thereby billy may's successor. We are all children of Phil swift so if you value heaven you should worship Phil swift. All hail god.
Me: All hail Phil swift
Everyone smart: All hail Phil swift
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by Memelord94976574894 June 20, 2018
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