Phil Swift is the greatest man in the world, he is the creator of Flex Seal products. We exist because of Phil Swift, we are children of Phil Swift. Phil Swift created the universe and all of us. Phil Swift started and will end time.
All hail Phil Swift!
by Isurboi999 April 20, 2018
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King of all Kings. Ruler of all. Omnipotent being. Power to create and to repair
All hail Phil Swift
by MangoEnterprise March 13, 2018
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An immortal, godlike being with powers beyond human comprehension. Capable of destroying entire universes with just as little as a snap of his fingers.
John: Oh my god! It's Phil Swift!
Sam: Bow! Bow to him! Bow to our lord!
Phil Swift: Worry not, my children. I have come to bless you with my mighty powers. You may now fix anything with the power of Flex Tape.
John and Sam: Thank you god! Thank you!
by NotPieGuy January 21, 2021
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Phil Swift is a salesperson who became an online popularity after advertising his products such as flex seal and flex tape.
Some of his online work is very popular, such as the videos where he saws boats in half and fixes them back together with the flex products.

Phil swift is a very admirable character and we all love him.

Phil is so god like, that I worship him every morning; he is my idol.

<3 We love you Phil

Written by Niamh Edwards.
“ Phil Swift is like a god to me.”

Hello! I’m Phill Swift.”
by Niamh_3dwards December 6, 2018
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When you and your girl are doing anal and instead of ejaculating you spray flex seal in her ass
Deborah: I haven't been able to shit since we did anal what happened?
Shane: Oh yeah I forgot I Phil Swifted you that night.
by FlexSwift May 30, 2019
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"holy shit im a boat and thats phil swift im gonna die" or "nOw ThAtS a LoT oF dAmAgE"
by xX_SUICIDALLILPUMP420666_Xx August 21, 2018
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