A booty shaped like an apple. Bubble like. The texture of the booty is soft with a bounce factor. A phat booty needs no physical intervention to enhance it's appearance or round shape. Phat booty's became popular in the late 1980's , early 1990's parallel with the release of songs like "Doin The Butt", "Rump Shaker" etc, which had a huge impact on what the urban male audience viewed as sexy. Soon after women clothing started to convey the same idea with clothing like tight jeans, sun dresses, and more. Although late in the game, Apple Bottoms is a great example of how clothing styles changed to enhance the round bubble-like shape of the female booty.
That chic I saw last night on OMGPHAT.com definately had a crazy PHAT BOOTY.
by OMG PHAT March 12, 2016
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A women that has a very nice butt.
That chick has a phat booty!
by Grimfour April 10, 2006
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A really nice ass. Mainly used by black people
Damn, that girl has a phat booty
by Lucakini February 29, 2008
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pabo- " you suck"
adrana- " shut up you big phat booty hoe"
by takislover August 15, 2018
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A calapygiean female named anna which has a big rear end also called buttox
by Medo999 May 8, 2021
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