One of those smelly little "silent-but-deadly" ads that pops up in one corner of the TV screen 30 seconds into the program, after you've already endured 5 minutes of regular ads.
AMC used to be a great channel until they started pharting.
by Two Hep Cats October 11, 2009
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And excruciatingly painful fart often resulting in explosive diarrhea and/or spontaneous combustion.
I was trying to squeeze out a fart, when all of a sudden i let out a phart, which went all over the walls.
by AriOz10 July 11, 2016
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Phart (verb) When a man has to take a serious leek and drop a huge sh*t simultaneously. Not having the time to drop the deuce, he chooses to urinate. While the mans pee exits with fire hose like pressure, he then attempts to fart. This triggers either a nasty shart or a turd to be deposited in the mans underwear. (pee-fart = phart)
While peeing late last night I pharted and dropped a scissored off turtle head on my bathroom floor…….
by TB2-nola February 9, 2009
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A fart that only comes out of a Phat ass
Damn that girl just gave a juicy Phart.
by The term destroyer November 13, 2017
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1. (verb)The passing of gas by any
member of royalty.

2. (noun)The actual intestinal gas
emitted by a member of royalty on
any given occassion.
The royal castle, with its wonderfully acustic halls, is one of the places where the prince loves to liberate some of his more stentorian pharts.
by Ocram April 28, 2003
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Man, I like pharted yesterday, it was SO PHAT!
by SpringLoaded July 13, 2003
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When your phone makes the sound of passing gas
My phone has been receiving pharts all day , been blowing up none stop
by M-ass-ter Gass-ass 2 May 29, 2017
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