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The non-alcoholic analogue to the Screw Driver. Mini Drivers are typically composed of 3 parts orange juice and one part seltzer.
My stomach is a bit off today so I will pass on the gin and simply take a Mini Driver.
by Ocram April 29, 2003
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A corpulent and grotesquely hirsute troll of a man who - on account of an anomalously prodigous penis - has become one of the most illustrious porn kings in the contemporary industry.
Ron Jeremy's genitals are so colossal that it is not uncommon for a co-star to leave the set with a prolapsed rectum.
by Ocram May 3, 2003
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1. The penis; especially, when erect.
2. The act of copulation.
Come here baby - I have got a nice tumescent bonejohn upon which you
should squat.
by Ocram April 28, 2003
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Saliva-soaked toilet paper used - in lieu of an actual bidet - to cleanse and soothe the anus.
I had explosive diarrhea at the train station and was left with no option but to take a proletariat bidet.
by Ocram April 23, 2003
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A crumpled wad of toilet or tissue paper containing any of a variety of sexual fluids (semen, vaginal secretions, et al) and resembling a freshly blossomed carnation.
Whenever my girlfriend and I have sex, a garden of protein carnations invariably end up at the foot of the bed.
by Ocram April 28, 2003
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Johanna was quite randy, but regretfully, she never allowed me to penetrate her anejohn.
by Ocram April 28, 2003
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