A curious creature, believed to derive from Naval origins, who shits, slams, thunders, or pisses in the oddest of places. Phantom shitters are second to none in terms of secrecy. He/she normally thinks tactically on placement and timing. As a master of clandestine defecating, a phantom shitter is rarely caught and if caught will not disclose the locations of each shit or if there is a second gunman. Typically phantom shitters work alone but at certain times will work in teams of two to throw off the scent of pursuing investigations if there are signs of being targeted for questioning.

Most phantom shitters start off as upper decker shooters and slammers shitting in the top part of the toilet instead of the bottom. The ones who experience the success of this get intoxicated with joy and pursue further into shitting methods. This typically will carry on from ages 12 to 65, depending on time of first phantom shit, and are mostly of the male gender. However the most success potential comes at earlier stages due to younger people being more flexible.

Just as a chef concerns himself with the right ingredients so do phantom shitters. Texture and consistency play a vital role in each shitting environment and opportunity. This normally will depend on the location and who the anal splinter is meant to target.

A small portion of phantom shitters sing or hum their own theme music and it is said to be a one of a kind experience if able to catch on camera.
"Oh my god man. I think the Phantom Shitter has struck again because there is a massive pile of shit in the fudge batter!"
by The Informant99 January 3, 2012
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Someone who takes a huge dump in a public toilet, then doesn't pull the flush, so the next poor sucker who enters the cubicle can find it.
Just encountered a phantom shitter at the motorway services, it was rank.
by dj2012 April 24, 2012
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An individual who, in secret, defecates in a location other than a toilet, for the purpose of creating humor and/or havoc. The practice is more common anywhere large collections of male humans cohabitate, such as in college dorms and military barracks, but may occur at any time, in any place, regardless of the demographics of the locale. Naval lore suggests that the practice dates back to World War II.
"The Phantom Shitter has struck again"

A prime example may be found in the first ten minutes of the film "Flight of the Intruder" when the Phantom Shitter strikes the XO's ashtray.
by sir poopiepants March 20, 2006
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Usually a male student. Someone who intentionally craps away from the shitter leaving special presents in the sinks/under bog hinges/up doors for anyone who walks through the ddor
by thelostlibertine March 31, 2005
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(Noun)Legendary Sailor with a unnatural ability to shit anywhere, anytime with no remores for person or property, especially the person that has to clean up. Also, known as the Phantom Wizzer or Pisser
1. "The Phantom Shitter stuck again. This time on the Commanding Officer's desk."

2. "This coffee taste like piss!"
by Nubb'n December 5, 2008
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The phantom shitter is an elusive college student who doesn't give a fuck about the other residents of his hall and takes a massive shit and doesn't find it necessary to flush that shit down the toilet.
"Guys, I walked into the bathroom and somebody didn't flush."

"We've got a phantom shitter on our hands."
by Hail Dale September 1, 2013
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First the Phantom shitter plugs the toilet with a complete roll of TP. Then takes a screamer on top. Anyone who flushes get shoe shitted.Usually occurs in a college dorm but I have seen it in the work environment.
Holy shit the Phantom shitter has struck in toilet no 2. I didn't think anyone could crap that big...leave out the corn.
by shammerjack October 17, 2007
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