Slang for crystal meth, originating in the Las Vegas Valley.
Miklo: Aye foo, you tryin' to smoke some pescado or what?
Paco: Simon que si wey, ya tu sabes wey! Saca la pipa, ese!
by easternandserene March 28, 2022
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1. the Spanish word for "fish", referring to any girls cooch, especially if it's unwashed.
2. A promiscuous girl, thus presumed to have a dirty cooch.
Matt hooked up with some pescado last night and he has to get a penicillin shot.
by Mu-Shu In Da Hizzzy October 9, 2003
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1. An odd label in telling someone that the person has an I.Q. level of a gold fish (pescado meaning in Spanish fish) and an attitude like a jackass. Basically the person is nonsense.

Hence "Pescado the Jack"

2. Hard headed person who is a know-it-all who is really a fool
"If we are going to survive we're going to build a fire"

"Maybe I don't want to build a fire, maybe I want to find rocks and spell S.O.S"

"Listen to me Pescado the Jack, it the dead of night, we are stranded on island, and it is Cold as Hell--"

"Hell can't be cold because it hot."

by Ace Carde March 21, 2010
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A poor attempt at a moustache, similar to what is commonly referred to as a “paedo tash” but is thinner and paler
Mate, check out his Paedo tash!

Nah that’s more of a pescado rash!
by Higherfligher December 23, 2020
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A very special dish consisting of boiled fish heads and copious amounts of seaweeds.

Pescado Con Algas is normally enjoyed by the Bere family on weekends.
Puche-What’s Bere having tonight for dinner?

Uncle Paulie- Well Pescado con Algas of course..

Puche- Ufffffff
by John Salchichón August 10, 2019
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an unusually rancid vagina. Giving off scents associated with decomposing skunk ass combined with a two week old can of tuna. Can be detected from a great distance. Is not easily removed and can become chronic
Guy 1: Do you smell that?

Guy 2: (dramatic background music, in a hoarse whisper) El pescado de muerte...

Guy 1: NO! not again!
by The Testicle Brothers July 17, 2011
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