Pronounced 'Pedo', Paedo is a slang word for Paedophile, meaning the act of older people hooking up, perving on, following or wanting to get in close sexual contact with younger peers.
"My new teacher is such a Paedo, he keeps looking at me."
by LaurrennC April 21, 2008
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Short for 'paedophile'. One who molests young children.
*Walking down the street when a men grabs a five year old child's ass. Somebody spots this and shouts "PAEDO!"*
by G November 23, 2003
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Basicly a peadophile.A person whos attracted to people significantly younger than him. Since its illegal they will often lie that they didnt do it. Most commonly a spurs fan
GUY1: Dude your such a paedo you are in college and she just finished 8th grade
GUY2:Hahahhaha im joking i didnt do it but if I did it would be legal cause she is only 4 years appart #COYS
by Pjonce August 14, 2020
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Michael English the guy that stole madeline mccann.
(GUY 1) Dude, be careful, theres a Mike behind you...
(GUY 2) Ohh a paedo
by Michael English May 23, 2011
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Short for paedophile. Abuser of children.
"I heard his dad was a dirty paedo"
by gramsci July 24, 2003
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stands for paedophile, a very sick person who deserves to have barbed wire stuck up their dick hole.
oh would you look at that paedo, hunting down young children for his own weird sexual pleasure. shame on him/her.
by chickenhenface April 22, 2011
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The moisture that appears on the brow of most kiddie fiddlers
Bob: are you positive that Barry touches kids.
Tom: For sure, there can be no doubt, look at the sweat on his brow, definite paedo Sheen
by Mrwicked77 May 9, 2020
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