2 definitions by Ace Carde

It is the acronym for the word "Shit Load Of Fuck"

1.) It basically saying that something is truly awful, beyond bullshit, or if someone is full of himself i.e. False sense of pride, Lies, gloating, etc.

2.) Terrible, Horrible, Trashy, Filth

Inspired by James Rolfe a.k.a "The Angry Video Game Nerd" use of saying the phrase "Shit load of fuck" in his reviews
1. This game is...God I'm so tired of saying it so many times, it basically S.L.O.F

2. The new rules for tournament is just a piece of S.L.O.F

3. "Dude you are just full of S.L.O.F. Get out of my face"

4. Zelda CDI games a loads of S.L.O.F
by Ace Carde March 21, 2010
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1. An odd label in telling someone that the person has an I.Q. level of a gold fish (pescado meaning in Spanish fish) and an attitude like a jackass. Basically the person is nonsense.

Hence "Pescado the Jack"

2. Hard headed person who is a know-it-all who is really a fool
"If we are going to survive we're going to build a fire"

"Maybe I don't want to build a fire, maybe I want to find rocks and spell S.O.S"

"Listen to me Pescado the Jack, it the dead of night, we are stranded on island, and it is Cold as Hell--"

"Hell can't be cold because it hot."

by Ace Carde March 21, 2010
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