90% of people on urbandictionary. Don't believe me. Look up something nonsexual and I guarantee you that you'll find at least 1 or 2 definitions making it sexual.
Generic example person: generic example phrase to show you mindless drones how perverts is used
Generic example person 2: generic example response
by Memetic Man January 18, 2011
The ones in this website. They turn every word in a sexual sense
by ISHFWILF October 30, 2018
99.999% of all the people on Urban Dictionary. Don't believe me? Look up something nonsexual and you will find 1-7 things sexual.
Man, I hate these perverts on Urban Dictionary.
by NintendoNerd December 6, 2018
a person whose sexual behavior is not satisfactory or allowable.
Those who make everything about something sexual, those who look at a girl's breast when talking to a girl, and those who like looking under a girl's skirt are examples of perverts.
by Free Spirit Curly Hair March 25, 2015
What we all are, but are too afraid to admit.
im a pervert ur a pervert but noe one likes perverts.
by James February 25, 2005
still unknown because so many of your definitions are fucked up
if porn is the greatest thing in the world, how come you're still saying that perverts are the people who look at porn?
by frank the tank June 28, 2004
see bayat

A person whose behavior deviates from what is acceptable especially in sexual behavior.
That Pervert is staring at my breasts.
by UB March 13, 2004