a beautiful blue detective. hottest platypus to ever exist.
guy 1: “do you guys remember Phineas and Ferb?”
guy 2: “oh, i only remember the hottest, perry the platypus.”
by my daddy has long legs March 22, 2020
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Hes a semi aquatic egg-laying mammal of action! hes a furry little flat foot who'll never flinch from a fra ee ay ee ay

hes got more then just mad skill hes got a bever tail and a bill and the women swoon whenever they hear him say

grgrgrgrgrgrgrg! hes perry perry the platypus but you can call him agent p perry! i said you can call him agent p AGENT P!
2.I want some of perrys platypussy
by platypussy_licker May 3, 2019
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He is Phineas and Ferb's pet platypus who they say doesn't do much but is actually a secret agent for major Monogram and his arch-nemesis is Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz
Perry the platypus, what an unexpected surprise, and by unexpected, I mean... completely expected!
by topaz6 April 18, 2010
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When you summon your prostitutes with a catchy jingle such as “ doo-be-doo-be-doo-bah” and when they appear throw on your favorite brown cap and give her the old 2 inch punisher, this should all be taking place while your family questions where you actually are because they just realized you where not in the room any longer
Yo I perry the platypused the heck out of Gina last night in the back hatch of my Ford festiva while the fam watched roadhouse on family movie night
by Festivapoonslayer October 17, 2019
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The best agent in the world no one can beat him.
Perry the platypus I have a special mission for you
by Nfbfbfndndntbfb October 21, 2020
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A very good looking thing that look like a duck thing with a fedora who destroys inator machines from doofenshmirtz.
Perry the platypus what are u doing here?
Hey wheres perry?
by Meme minecraftter 69 December 10, 2019
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