Phineas is a kid who has a triangle head. It is one of the top 10 mysteries of the world how he is able to put his shirt on. His brother, Ferb, looks like a very skinny penis.
Hey, that new kid, Trace, kind of looks like Phineas.
by LukeNelson69 January 3, 2020
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Literally the best kind of person that is living.
He is very strong funny and talented at everything he tries.
He is a sex god and is friends with lots of people . He may show off but you just try not to be impressed. He is kind, thoughtful, and really atractive.
girl1: wow look a that new kid
girl2: Yhea he's hot.
girl1: whats his name?
girl2: Phineas, i think?
by jeff dragonhunter January 10, 2012
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an interesting person who everyone has a love and hate relationship with
super loud and probably a huge anime fan
very outspoken about certain topics
horny very horny
Girl 1; Hey isn't that the weird kid from ELA?
Girl 2; Yeah I think his name is Phineas
by kunaluvsyou May 10, 2022
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A boy who plays soccer and thinks he's awesome. He usually has a mohawk. Likes girls for their looks not their personality. Farts a lot.
"ugh phineas thinks he's so cool since he can dribble a ball around"
by non_h8r December 21, 2011
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The question “are they Phineas” is a code for “are they gay” and a reference to the popular Disney channel character Phineas from ‘Phineas and Ferb’ because he is known as a gay icon in newer times.
Person 1: “are they Phineas?”
Person 2: “No, I think they are Candace.”
by ferb4ever July 25, 2020
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A nice girl, with decent breasts and an awesome booty. Generally sweet, but sometimes can get mad when you grab her ass.
-Whoa, Phinea sure has a nice booty!
by Mr. Hancock October 25, 2011
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One of the only good shows on Disney, it has the humor of Family Guy, yet it's kid-friendly. It's full of running gags, cutaway gags, and occasionally features some innuendos and satire.
Person A: Hey, heard of that new show, Phineas and Ferb?
Person B: Yeah, it's funny, and I don't have to turn the channel when my kids walk in the room.
by Trixter9 September 12, 2009
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