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trump supporters are ugly

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The gayest, dumbest, yet funniest generation. Scared to order for themselves so has their mother do it for them. They are most likely afraid of roaches cus those things are scarier than hell itself. You have different breeds of the Gen Z's, there are the vine quoters, musically/tiktok obsessed, gays, weebs, video gamers, simps, tide pod eaters, acab/1312, dumbasses, most likely to fight a cop with the cop's own tazer and so many more. If your a parent of a gen Z, its most likely that your kid is one of these breeds. Gen Z can meme everything, from covid, to ww3.
Person: got covid

Gen Z : Lmao thats embarrassing

Person 2: Trump 2020
Gen Z: Youre rlly supporting that orange sorbet up side down ice cream cone, bird nest hair, covid infected, "make America great again" b.i.c.t.h. ? Umm Chile, anyways so.

Person 3: May i take your order?
Gen Z: Mom, order for me. order for me, order for me

Gen Z: lol im failing classes

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Sugawara, how do I describe sugawara... he's a literal cinnamon roll. Sugamama, Daichi's husband but also my husband. Karasuno's 3rd year setter. Very much cute
Sugawara is *chef kiss*

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perry the platypus
phineas: hey, wheres perry?
via giphy

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hit or miss?
i guess they never miss huh?

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i will now quote my favorite vines.

Bitch gon step on my focking toes, bitch, with the focking cow gurl, focking boot beitch disGUSTing

*points window cleaner* shoot me.


ily bitch, i aint gon never stop lovin u b e i t c hhh

i wanna be a cowboyy babyyy

many more i just cant remember the words
rip vine

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