capping, committing a crime, half stepping, or being sneaky
Tyrone: Are we going to the club tonight?
Blair: Nah man, those women be perpetrating all night.
by canndle July 22, 2021
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To inappropriately and unjustifiably wrong another, particularly -but not necessarily- knowingly or maliciously.
Man, that's the second time this month my paycheck was wrong; they need to quit perpetrating!
by K-Wheezle May 25, 2004
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From 'Perpetrate' - The act of commiting a serious wrong against another. *Please Note* Also may be classified by Degrees from 1-3 (with 1 being the worst).
"I can't even believe that ho slept with my man...that is a PERPETRATION!"
Or with degrees
"Oh no she did not wear those raggedy a$$ shoes, that is a perpetration in the 3rd degree."
by Angela A. April 07, 2005
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The act of trying to be something you're not; wether it be a gangster or anything else in life.
Quit trying to perpetrate, Jerry. You're no good on the court!
by Abicab August 11, 2015
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To plan, create, and carry out a sheer abominable act
"Perpetration's been really heavy tonight."

"Did you witness the perpetration going on in that car?"
by nunnyduh July 06, 2010
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A perpetrator is...

-Someone who dresses 'gangsta,' talks 'gangsta,' and generally acts 'gangsta,' but doesn't live the gang lifestyle.

-Someone who admires emulates the gangsta style of dress, speech, music, etc, but doesn't commit to a gangsta life.
"Nah, man I'm just a perpetrator! I like the clothes!"
by Justin April 03, 2005
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