The quality or state of being perfect; free from all possible flaws or defects
Man, that girl over there is shear perfection.
by Mr. White March 2, 2017
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Something/someone being everything you could wish for and that makes you happier than you could imagine being.
by Vikki S April 5, 2015
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Perfection is a word describing some one or something that has no flaws and there is nothing at all wrong with them.
Gosh! That Lucy over there is so beautiful and amazing she is the definition of perfection!
by Tanna07 September 29, 2014
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Brendon is the definition of perfection.
Woah, you are close to Brendon Urie’s level.
Gawh why you gotta be like Brendon Urie ?!
Cheez whiz
by Undercovertaco October 28, 2019
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Can be used in any first person scenario, such as:

My girlfriend Samantha is the urban dictionary definition for perfection.
by Don’t question it July 20, 2019
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