You ♥️
You're perfection

Everything you do is so perfect and amazing. You're truly beautiful. You deserve to be loved so much. Don't let anyone make you fell sad or down.

Have a good day, everyday :)
by Instagram: purse.brownie January 29, 2018
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I looked for the definition of perfection and the name Elizabeth Walker was there
by Mystery girl xox May 12, 2020
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There isn't an example needed. She is just perfection
by MisterMustards September 12, 2016
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Gerard Way is perfection and if you don't agree you need to get your eyes checked at your local Walmart :)
by giant fangirl :) May 26, 2016
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Oh Sehun the image of absolute perfection

The youngest member in the south Korean kpop boy band named EXO

He is known for his abs and shoulders

According to the whole group Sehun has the best body of them all
Girl one: What's the definition of perfection
Girl two: Oh Sehun
by Exotrash312 February 18, 2018
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Meaning something is flawless or perfect, “that’s so jimin”. Definition: perfection
by BTS_is_better_than_you March 19, 2019
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