A word one would use to describe something they see without flaws, somewhat of an opinion
Aaron is an image of perfection through my vision(:
by Emi^.^ August 26, 2012
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Wow Kim Taehyung is perfection, he looks like an anime character. He is computer graphic V
by Little Sailor July 6, 2019
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Know him without taking fake, negative and disgusting tabloids. You'll know what I mean
"You know Michael Jackson? Yeah, he's Perfection"

Dance level: Michael Jackson
by Mady la August 23, 2014
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To get at least 15 kills in a row (running riot) in Halo 3 in a slayer game with zero deaths the whole game. The medal appears once the final kill is scored.
"OMG I just got a fucking perfection against those noobs."
"Yesterday I got a ranked perfection!"
"Some asshole got a killjoy on me when I had 15 kills. Ahhh I wanted a perfection!"
by Perfection x2 September 14, 2009
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Perfect, Perfection, the act of being flawless, without errors. No person or thing can be perfect in every sense to every person, but they can often be seen as perfect by one or more person(s).
Nicole F. is absolutely perfect. Between her amazing good looks, her intelligence, her good-naturedness, her sense of humor and good taste, and her attention to perfection, she is definitely the perfect girl.
by JoshJA January 18, 2007
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