A horny, San Miguel drinking, X-Box gamer who likes to complain about most things. Nice tactics on Halo and SWB, though. Can be beaten at Samurai Showdown by Nakoruru.
Person: James, what do you think of the current social-economic climate in the devoloping world?

James: RUBBISH! Leave me alone, you bastard! *glug glug glug*
by seeknoise October 8, 2004
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Lord of the Puffins
Hey, you know James? yea heard he's like a puffin lord or some shit

Ever heard of James S? Such a puffin f%*cker

Wait you see that puffin over there? yeah, that's James S.

The puffin slowly walked toward James S, and embraced him. For father and son were reunited.
by PuffinLover365 September 25, 2018
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short but incedibly sexy
if that james harris was a foot taller i would introduce him to the joys of felching. i would even let him piss on me. And do a poo on me.
by betty swallocks February 7, 2004
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Pulling a "James S. Fell" is when someone thinks he/she/they/zey/zorg is "educating the masses" but is in fact only proving to everyone that they are a misinformed idiot (IQ under 85) who is incapable of doing basic research that isn't twisted by their own ideology.
Being incapable of using well formed logical arguments supported by reliable data, they instead turn to shaming language and misinformation as their only means of attacking their opponent.
In other words "Pulling a Fell" is like the Dunning–Kruger effect, but with more name calling and moronic dribbling.

The term comes from "fitness guru" James Fell who has written many misinformed article about topics he is ignorant about, when he should be focusing on running in a straight line (something that takes all his concentration). It is unknown who taught him to use a keyboard, but it is rumored that with intensive help he is now capable of sometimes switching on his own computer by himself.
Geez......I can't believe that journalist Pulling a "James S. Fell", how do they get away with this shit?

That journalist didn't even get the name right, talk about "pulling a fell"

I see Bane debunked another article by James Fell, geez that James guy really knows how to "pull a Fell"

Pulling a "James S. Fell"/Pulling a "Fell"
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I giant virgin who licks his own dick every night, he loves the taste of his own cum, but loves Doritos more. He is sometimes called a crack-head, because of how much he wants to put his head in a wet pussy crack. Overall he is one big asshole and will blow you off just to blow himself, and if you walk in on him he will plead for your cock up his ass. He also has beautiful hair and lures girls in UNTILL they see his cock.
That guy is such a James S, he blew me off just to blow himself
by BakuBling February 12, 2019
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