A word to describe males genitalia
Gf: babe can I put chamoy on your pepino and lick it off

Bf: ew no wtfk
by Jackfrostformayor April 18, 2021
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One who highly enjoys the thrill of playing ULTIMATE FRISBEE. He plays very tight defence so BE CAREFUL. This "pepino" often has tomato spots on his face most often in the sideburns area.
i was with brian yesterday and he asked me to play ultimate frisbee with him. then he asked to have sex with my grandpa. it turns out he was just a pepino.
by nazilover April 29, 2008
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A pretty boy who pleasures/accompanies himself with a cucumber to fill the void of his friends (peewees) he left back in jail.
Pepino mike got caught slippin with a pepino and lotion at his bedside, meanwhile watching American Me, poor guy needs all the support he can get.
by I am not Chris November 29, 2019
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The after effects of over-saucing your pizza slice with the zesty tasty sauce from Don Pepino can be seen in the form of a bright red coloured stool known as the Don Pepino poop.

Often sloppy in nature due to the accompaniment of pizza chilli flakes or jalapenos (or both), Don Pepino poop looks like someone has doused your whole colon with red paint before you squirt a deep ochre colour into the pan.
"Dude - I slopped half a jar or Don Pepino onto my Red Baron pizza last night. My shit is so red that I've made the toilet pan look like the Japanese flag!"

"I saw old fruit - I had a pleasant repast with the archbishop last evening and he served up pizza with extra sauce. I think the Don Pepino poop he'll be producing today could interrupt his sermon if he doesn't squirt liquid red torpedoes out of his bung-hole before he commences evensong."
by Monty Cornwall August 10, 2008
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Dicho de cosas tochas o potentes, de una calidad extrema.
¿Has visto mi nuevo ordenador? ¡Es pepino!
by Monete February 14, 2017
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The act of simultaneously giving a blow job and penetrating a man’s asshole with a mexican cucumber. Typically gay males.
My boyfriend and I we’re making a salad last night and decided to put the cucumber to better use.... he gave me a dirty pepino and it was super hot!
by Booboo kitty fuk November 19, 2020
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