Who the Fuck Knows? What's with the k? Well, it's used for "knows".
"Does she actually think that hood ring makes her pussy look nice?"

by Shawn in RI November 07, 2007
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Used in everyday talk. The correct way to pronouce the word is "wtfk", not "What the Fuck K."

Whats with the k? Well its used for emphasis.
Alex: Ryan Giggs delivers good balls.
Matt: Oooooh!!! :P
Alex: WTFK!!
by Matt Dodd January 21, 2007
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Way too fucking kewl, kewl as in cool , a term used to describe a noun or situation that is past amazing, fantastic and even over the awesome.
Jim: pfft that guy is so gay he doesnt listen to any body
Bob: no man he just wtfk to listen

---D: i know its wtfk for you sadly


Thebitchsmacker: No thats wtfk now make me some more money
by The guy who spread the word April 06, 2010
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WTFK is a close faction of graffiti writers and culture jammers founded in the 661 with divisions spanning across the U.S. Only it's members know the true meaning of WTF, for everyone else they have gone by the following:
Whos trippin foo
Wont take fakes
We trip fat kids
Working the flares
Way too fresh

We tackle females
Working together forever
Witty talented frolickers
Too many more to list
by stewfu September 10, 2010
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