This is usually a 5-10 minute speech given by your Supervisor at work,so as to make you work twice as hard for the same amount of money.
Francisco can take his Pep Talk and shove it up his ass because I ain't working any harder.
by Mojo Maniac July 15, 2008
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to get oral sex.
to receive a blowjob.
to have another human's mouth (preferably female) on your penis and going in an up and down motion till orgasm.
Vince: Hey Jay
Jay: Yeah Whats up?
Vince: I heard Mindy came over to your house last night, what happend?
Jay: oh, vince we hung out and then at the end of the night she gave me one hell of a pep talk!

Vince: Hey Dom!
Dom: Yeah?
Vince: Vern came over last night and man did she give me a pep talk to remember!
Dom: OH yeah? she gives me pep talks on a daily basis!
Vince: Dam I thought I was the only one!

by Pincky-14 April 24, 2009
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The inner monologue you recite to yourself to prevent you from doing something you know you shouldn't, however delicious and/or awesome it might be. To prevent remorse after said action.
Jane: I almost ate a whole tub of ice cream yesterday, but I gave myself a reverse pep talk and immediately felt guilty for even considering it.

Sally: I was going to text my ex last night after I drank some wine, but I gave myself a reverse pep talk and realized what a pathetic loser I was.
by ranillabean July 23, 2012
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The speech one gives directly before the sex is over to encourage his/her sexual partner to ejaculate
Guy 1: so what happened with her last night?
Guy 2: it was amazing. She gave me a penis pep talk and everything.
by Woweeh May 21, 2014
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Post-Exercise Poop Talk: The only time you give enough of a fuck to read and respond your wife's DMs, because you're too otherwise too bored from blowing through the porcelain already
I thought my nigga actually be taking time to message me but the whole time he was just sitting there giving me a pep talk
by Sledgehumper September 10, 2020
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