A web-comic that doesn't get nearly enough credit from you guys :P
Penny-Arcade is at least worth checking out- Penny-Arcade.com
by Cardboard Tube Samuri May 25, 2003
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My only source of entertainment on those long, lonely nights devoid of video games. This is one of those nights.
by Shortass August 1, 2003
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The most rockin gamers web-comic.
Regardless of what these lame ass fags say.
by Joe Somebody July 24, 2003
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A cultish religion which holds that the idea that Pacman is our God, creator, and savior.
Do you want to join Penny-Arcade?
by Anonymous May 24, 2003
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Satirical look at gaming, gamers and the industry. Intelligent writing + Good artwork. Raised over half a million dollars for childrens hospitals in 2 years form its readership alone. You do not have to play games to get most of the jokes, but its way worthwhile if you do.

Quote Gabe: "Hey, listen. That was testicorp on the phone, looks like you didn't get that Testicle Inspector job."

Quote Tycho: "I flipped of a box of kittens."

Penny Arcade is wack!
by Josh The Misanthrope October 13, 2005
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The funniest gaming-based comic on the web. (Warning - deliciously unsafe for work!)
The guys over at Penny Arcade can really make with that funny!
by Sabrina July 31, 2003
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