Famous Beatles song, also an alias one would use to hide their true identity.
by Penny Lane December 23, 2004
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Street intersecting with Abbey Road, across from Strawberry Fields. Also, it has a store selling Glass Onions.
theka djakdhgadsk gfahd akjd hgkasdhgakhdfgasgl ja PEnny LAne
by Why do you care, Stalker? March 20, 2004
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A way to describe a backstabbing basic bitch who pretends to be your friend and all the while has her own interests in mind, while manipulating everyone around her in order to achieve her own sadistic goals.
"That bitch was crazy, playing us all for fools. She was trying to lead us down Penny Lane for sure."
by GOS troll March 17, 2019
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she likes to fuck her self with mickey mouse toys. and had sex with her little brother
girl- penny lane just told me she wants to fuck
other girl- yeah shes always horny for pussy
by karmasabitch_mel August 30, 2019
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