Otherwise known as "Puhneesha", "Penn State", or "Lil' Penn". The name of the most beautiful girl you know. Rumor has it she is half (Persian) goddess and half human. She is intelligent, adorable, and witty. She has a bootylicious body that makes her a "dime". On top of all of this, she can hold an intellectual conversation. If you know a Penney, you best be makin' moves.
Guy 1: "Yo, you know that Penney chick?"
Guy 2: "Yeah man, she's like perfect!"
Guy 1: "MMMMMM!! Oh hell yeah. She can git ittt!!"
by FrankRoberts December 19, 2011
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a fat child who is too fat to walk in a grocery store and uses the wheel chairs and likes to eat burritos and has cousins beat up little Russian kids during a pick up football game
by runescape222 December 31, 2009
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someone who sucks off people with red hair
i heard that guy is a penney knocker
by knob poo May 8, 2009
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A Dee Penney is not just a BADASS he is the baddest of all badasses. There is no exception to this ever! In fact he is such a badass most people call him the Pirate of all pirates the only ones who don’t are know as bitches! The Dee Penney will be respected.
The Dee. L Penney is the baddest, of all badasses no exceptions.
by Baddest badasses May 7, 2020
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Penney’s worth: Much greater than a penny’s worth or anyone’s “two cents.” Imagine one million dollars multiplied by 1,735. Well, a "Penney's worth" is infinitely more than that. It takes someone very special to posess this ability to have a "Penney's worth".
Oh hey, look it is Miss Penney, whenever she speaks we know she will always put in her Penney's worth!
by penneyORpenny? December 1, 2011
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top molongoloid, noone exceeds him
penney is just penney, he knows whats best for the team.
by a new couch December 8, 2020
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