by Yo dylans gay September 12, 2020
"Mmmmmm" Is what i say when my mom brings pizza
Mmmmmm Yay you brought pizza!
by DintDino January 18, 2021
another way of saying yeah right or no in a nicer way.
the more m's added the more out of the question it is
person 1:can you take me to the store
person 2:mmmmmm
by 983456774337864563 January 9, 2009
when you don't have enough rupees for: lamp oil, rope or bombs
person 1: sorry link i can give credit. come back when your mmmmmm richer

person 2: cringe
When someone is speaking an undeniable fact, or dropping gems.
"She's never yours it's just your turn."
Everyone's Reaction:Mmmmmmm
by Munchiecta September 17, 2022