The wiggly part of your mfkn groin
My penis is mfkn itchy bois
by Drewdown13 November 19, 2020
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by Sentry Gaming November 4, 2020
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The only thing a poor boy has to play with.
Growing up, I was so poor, If I wasn't born a boy I would have had nothing to play with.
by Jilwan June 20, 2005
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A disease that causes society's shittiest problems. Children.
I put my penis in her ass so I wouldn't make a child on accident.
by TrumpisDad December 1, 2016
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~The hopefully long, solid muscle that men have as a part of the reproduction process
~Something women can't live without
~Some refer to it as the PEN15 club
The life of a Penis
-Hangs around with 2 nuts all the time
-Next door neighbor is a real asshole
-Has a head he can't think with
-An eye he can't see out of
-His best friend is a pussy
-Everytime he gets excited he throws up
-And worst of all his owner beats him
by Doug January 23, 2005
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1.The thing that makes or breaks a relationship.
2.The thing easily replaced with my showerhead.
3.The thing that makes me wanna puke if it's under 5 inches...or over 11.
4.The most disgusting, addictive part on the male body.
1.Can I see your penis before I say "I love you."?
2.Who needs a penis when I can masturbate all night?
3.Omg ow your 12 inch penis is going in my uterus.
4.This is so gross but I can't stop sucking your penis.
by small penis hater December 7, 2003
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