The art of producing ejaculate. Another way of saying sex. Usually happens when one's dingus(penis) is rubbed, and eventually makes milk.
A. Yo man did you get any action lastnight?
B. Yeah bro, it was great.
A. Did you make milk?
B. Made so much all over the place.

Blow a load

Squrt the good good

Bust a nut
by Robert longdong July 29, 2014
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To go from one topic to another without any sort of coherence.
"Dude, I was talking to your mom yesterday, and I really like bananas."

"Man, you can totally Make Milk out of Clay"
by Incoherence October 28, 2009
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When you take a diarrhea shit and then jerk off and ejaculate into the shit. Then you mix it around with a spoon and or fork. You refer to this action as "Making Chocolate Milk."
"I'm gonna be Making Chocolate Milk all night tonight."
"Travis left for a bit, he's Making Chocolate Milk."
"I took a shit last night and started Making Chocolate Milk."
by Benjipkc September 21, 2020
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simular to juicing a lemon but insted of her pussy you squeeze her ass so hard that her shit come comes out in liquid form
by horny bastard April 7, 2005
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like {squeezing a lemon but where you squeeze her ass, squeezing it this hard makes it come out in a liquid form, like chocolate milk
by horny bastard January 28, 2005
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