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A small, podunk town in the Upstate of South Carolina full of incestuous rednecks, drunks, child molesters, common criminals, meth heads, welfare cases, and generally the lowest rung of life as we know it on Earth...It has 97 people per the Census and most are related. There are two millionaires who live in the town whose family formerly owned the mills that once dominated the local economy when the town had nearly 10x the population...and they grossly inflate all income statistics. Never drive through it with plates other than SC...the cops will cornhole you and send your car to a chop shop. They go through a new Police Chief every year due to corruption. Once considered as a target range by the Air Force due to its close proximity to Donaldson Center, it would be put to better use that way.
The other day we drove through Pelzer with our windows up but we still smelled the turds a homeless man was eating off the ground.

"Dude, you're through Pelzer? Are you high?"
"Nope, just looking to score a rock over yonder in Pelzer"
"Well Pelzer's the right place."

More social services and domestic dispute police calls per capita are to Pelzer than any other municipality in the area.
by Olive Vaggs June 19, 2011
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A small town located in the upstate area of South Carolina, USA. Founded by Francis J. Pelzer in the 1800's, owner of the Pelzer mills and co-owner of the Pelzer Manufacturing Co., Pelzer is a town located along the Saluda River in eastern Anderson County. The town was originally a mill town divided into two portions, the upper and lower sections, both with their own mill village. Today, the mill villages exist; however the mills no longer stand except for a couple of brick buildings and remains along the Saluda River.

The latitude of Pelzer is 34.642N. The longitude is -82.456W.

Closest Towns: West Pelzer, Williamston, Belton, Honea Path, and Piedmont
Take highway 20, from Greenville County, and once you cross the Saluda River, you are in the small town of Pelzer.
by Pelzer October 18, 2009
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used according to wat ever the conditions are, the ultimate curse, ait means all of the curses in one small word
u fuckin pelzer
dont be such a bitch u stupid pelzer
by Mikey Brens March 02, 2004
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