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Small, uninteresting town known as the sex and weed capital of mid michigan.
"Man, did you hear what happened to Tyler last weekend?"

"No what?"

"He went out to Williamston, got high, had sex with some chick and got VD!"

"Thats why you dont go to williamston!"
by BenTyger October 12, 2008
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Williamston is known among the residents of mid-Michigan as the sex and weed capital. Little known about Williamston is the growing approval of public displays of beastiality among its residents.

Donkey Shows are pervasive in the public square, and new curriculum has been developed in the public school system to educate residents about the dangers of sex with animals. Williamston has yet to respond to the measure, and beastiality continues to be the social norm.
God damn Cheryl! Don’t go to Williamston. Everyone there fucks kangaroos.
by Gang Rot November 07, 2011
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