A historical account or biography written from personal knowledge.
"In 1924 she published a short memoir of her husband."
by paranoid046 November 5, 2013
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When a tragic or insightful life experience causes a writer to think "I could write about this," and subsequently "That's awful/narcissistic. Why would I think that?" It seems that the whole thought process should invalidate the experience's potential as writing fodder but can instead make for a nice modernist moment in which the author's role is explicitly recognized.
MOTHER: "Maurice died."
WRITER: "Oh, that's terrible."
WRITER'S BRAIN: (What luck! My strange and unique relationship with this person will make for a compelling chapter in my yet-to-be-written memoir!)
WRITER'S HEART: (You are a bastard.)
WRITER'S BRAIN: (I know. What a memoir moment.)
WRITER'S BALLS: (Write about it anyway.)
MOTHER: "Have you been taking your medication?"
WRITER: "Huh?"
by NineLeggedDog May 13, 2009
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A writing about an important event of ones life, a highlight
My humanities teacher made me write a personal memoir for homework!!

Red Scarf Girl is a personal memoir of when the author was living during the culteral revolution.
by c___j93 February 16, 2006
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A book that doesn't exist. Based on the idea that blacks don't/shouldn't know how to write.
Yeah, I've got the original Constitution on my bookshelf, right next to the Memoirs of a negro man.
by zilog24 May 26, 2006
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When you have a romantic night watching Asian movies with a girl and fucking her pussy good
Me and that girl went back to her place and watched Memoirs of a Straight-sha
by D Flawless November 23, 2021
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An expression of great frustration or anger, typically brought about by one of African descent.

Cf. Memoirs of a Mexican man
Memoirs of a negro man! Could this black guy drive any slower?
by H.R. Pufnstuf April 7, 2004
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A snarky expression to mock someone for saying something uninteresting or that adds zero value to the conversation.
Flo: I ran 10 miles yesterday!
Joe: Great, I'll put it in my memoirs.
by guacamole face March 4, 2017
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