An exclamation of titanic acceptance and staggering awe. Akin to superbness.

The expression was first used in this sense during a small wedding in Field, BC, Canada in 2009.
"You should date my buddy. He's peer reviewed."

"That weekend was totally peer reviewed."
by FrostyCan June 17, 2009
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an outlet for patronizing psuedointellectuals to anonymously spew academically illiterate garbage onto someone else's creative genius.
Man, I had to have my essay peer reviewed today and that fucker wrote on my paper that I have a strong thesis but it changes in the "middel."
by ToggleSwitched January 31, 2011
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An activity that you partake in on Urban Dictionary when bored. It allows you to downvote hundreds of definitions which are either "woman's name : a sexy dame" or "man's name : a gay fatass."
I partook in peer review on urbandictionary. One of the definitions I got was for the word 'Hot', and it was defined as 'This guy. Also my girlfriend Latrelle.' I voted it down.
by youthCulture July 11, 2015
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The term given to the panel of adjudicators who realise that your entry is just too damn disgusting, perverted and depraved to ever be allowed onto the Urban Dictionary site and instead you have to be content with an email alerting you to the fact that it won't be accepted and you simply have to scroll back and forth wondering what it would have looked like on the site possibly being enjoyed by many different people all over the world rather than just your eyes alone in your bedroom. You try not to take the rejection personally, however, it just east you up inside and so you decide to heavily edit your submission and try again. Eventually, it gets accepted but it's lost its bite due to the nature of the many edits made to it. You realise that you are just a sad old bastard with too much time on your hands so you go and fap before falling asleep in your own sweat and semen in your parent's basement.
"Hi Larry, did your Urban Dictionary term get accepted for the site?"
"No Douglas, it didn't get past the Urban Dictionary peer review process."
"Never mind. Please don't try to be too sad about it."
"I need to cry now. Please take my dress off and leave and maybe come back later okay?"
"Sure thing dude although it does look good on me."
by mammarylane September 17, 2017
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