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You know those barf-inducing motivational decals and you see in the homes of people with zero internal motivation that say "Life Laugh Love"? <oops, there goes the stomach slop again...>

Well LLL4L (Live Laugh Love 4 Life) is a smug, gangsta way to passively make fun of those people. Get the tatt and be an insider.
Shake and bake and LLL4L!
by FrostyCan June 1, 2019
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Short for Fuck You and See You Tomorrow.

Based on a meme that circulated in the raging, divisive pandemic days of 2020 that showed a cranky, old geezer stepping out a door. It was labelled "When you and your friends have different political views but you love them the same. Fuck you and I'll see you tomorrow!"

Used to remind someone that though they are a fuck head, you're putting up with them. Mostly used endearingly, especially when used by Canadians toward Americans.
What kind of moron does says something like that? Well, FUSYT.

You're wrong. FUSYT.

I gotta go. FUSYT.
by FrostyCan January 4, 2021
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Short for "Wake The Fuck Up, Pal". A supremely condescending and passive-aggressive way of telling a "friend" who's a government employee, stoner, unemployed, etc. that you think they are lazy and should get their ass in gear.
by FrostyCan June 15, 2015
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An exclamation of titanic acceptance and staggering awe. Akin to superbness.

The expression was first used in this sense during a small wedding in Field, BC, Canada in 2009.
"You should date my buddy. He's peer reviewed."

"That weekend was totally peer reviewed."
by FrostyCan June 17, 2009
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Reference to someone being the worst of the worst; a despicable low-life. Short for Asshole, Prick, Mother Fucker. First used in the late 2000's in a now-defunct online society called "Andrew's Kitchen".
He's such an APMF.
by FrostyCan December 13, 2020
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A condescending, passive-aggressive way of telling someone to make haste. Far superior to simply saying "chop chop".
Why are you taking so long? Chop the fuck chop!
by FrostyCan May 14, 2015
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