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A small, most often happy Pepe. Similar in shape to Pepo/Apu Apustaja (“Helper Helper”), Peepo is very prevalent among discord servers and is known as the embodiment of an innocent child.
hi frens im peepo” - r/frenworld
by Matestreymy May 17, 2019
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a term used by the gay community to acknowledge you are online.
just as you log into msn and you want all your mates to know your a big fairy you'd introduce yourself with "peepo"
by TasteMyRevenge March 14, 2007
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A majestic female, the last of her kind, living in a introverted world of optimism. Peepos can be tamed if you give them a hug. The last Peepo can be found in Pennsylvania if you look hard enough for their noticeable qualities. Peepos are tall, loud, and happy beings. They take the form of a human. Memes are their favorite creation of mankind. I provide you don't made the last Peepo mad or else their massively powerful feet will kick you to death.
"Peepos are the most rare beings on Earth's surface. Too bad there is only one left in existence."
by LegacyofBlue June 25, 2018
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