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A famous quote and meme from the Canadian children's tv series, "Nanalan'", which is about a two year old named Mona who basically plays outside in her Nana's backyard all day. This show uses, in my opinion, disturbing looking puppets that stare into your soul, I mean, Mona has no pupils, instead she just has completely black eyes. Not to mention she looks like she has no hair expect for the pigtails that seem to be growing out of her head. Anyways, since Mona is only two, she can't speak fluently yet, and so she talks in a way nobody can understand if you don't listen closely. The famous meme is from a scene in the episode titled "Backyard Fun". I'm not going to explain the scene because, #1, Im too lazy to describe it in detail, and #2, it's better to just go watch it and see what I mean.

Fun fact: One of the ways this meme gained popularity was by Markiplier reacting to the scene in one of his videos, as in the quiz he was taking during the video asked him, "Do you like the peepo?"
Nasa Peepo, supposivly intended to mean "nest of pea pods", but due to the way Mona pronounces it, it sounds instead like "nasa peepo".
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by PumpkinSpiceLattez December 11, 2016
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