John Green is the author of Michael L. Printz award winner Looking For Alaska, and the Michael L. Printz runner up, An Abundance of Katherines. His newest novel, Paper Towns, will be released in September 2008.

In 2007, John and his younger brother Hank, decided to go an entire year without using textual communication. Instead, they did daily video blogs on YouTube and talked on the phone. Their vlog project, Brotherhood 2.0, gathered thousands of followers who came to be known as Nerdfighters.
I just got this book at the library. It's called Looking For Alaska by John Green.
by Nerdtasticallyinclined June 29, 2008
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John Green is an acclaimed novelist of many books for Young Adults, such as the Printz Award winning "Looking for Alaska," the Printz Award runner-up "An Abundance of Katherines," and the Edgar Award and Corine Literature Prize winning "Paper Towns." He is required to write at least five books for his publishing company.

John is also well-known as being one half of the Vlogbrothers channel on YouTube, a channel in which John and his brother Hank Green regularly vlog back and forth to one another. John is the older brother and the one who had the idea for the video blog, originally an idea for the brothers to get to know one another better, but now has a substantial following. John's videos often consist of him discussing political issues (often while eating toilet paper or covering his face in peanut butter) and talking about philosophical topics.

John lives in Indianapolis, Indiana with his wife (who he affectionately refers to as The Yeti because she is never seen on screen and is presumably camera-shy), his son Henry, and their dog Willy (full name Firebolt Wilson Roberts). He often makes fun of the fact that he isn't good at math, one time forgetting that a minute has 60 seconds and instead saying it has 100.
Person 1: Did you see the new vlogbrothers video yesterday?

Person 2: Yeah, I always love it when John Green covers his face in peanut butter.
by NerdfighterSarah July 7, 2011
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Master of feelings.
I hate John Green. He is evil.
by I Wish I Was Hazel Grace March 24, 2013
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(Noun) A John Green is a man who is of average looks and lifestyle. However, John Greens still manage to woo the most intelligent and beautiful women with their peculiar adjectives, understanding of psychology, and various cardigans.

Could also refer to a male protagonist from one of his books.
The boy sitting on the bench writing in his moleskin is a real John Green.
by CommonDyslexic May 23, 2014
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Attempting to enter Canada with only 2 liter bottle of Mountain Dew, 1 loaf of bread, some peanut butter, and 14 dollars, only to be told that you have insufficient funds to enter Canada.
John Green went John Green-ing once, ended up on a list of undesirables and was told "John Green, you're gonna die on that list."
by Nerdfighter Anne July 4, 2012
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Usually known as Nerdfighters. They are people who read nothing but John Green's books, which are repetitive and overrated. They usually drool to the Vlogbrothers, a channel in which the author and his brother try to be cool to their audience even though they're old as fuck. Things they do includes making up dumb-ass songs, causing brain damage, wasting your time, being narcissistic, hearing themselves talk, trying to be weird, random and clever at the same time and appealing to the lame people who take the time to watch and love them. These people usually like the books because they talk about smoking, cursing, pixie dream girls and because it's fucking trending.
John Green Fangirl:...
Person: OMG just no *walks away*
by bellatrixlestrangeblack April 26, 2013
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