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No Child Left Behind on steroids and with a different name. Which the Democrats and some Republicans still support for some reason. Basically it's like Obamacare for education. Mark my words, it is going to be an even bigger failure than NCLB and will probably affect students with special needs especially negatively.
Person A: Why do Democrats give the GOP so much trouble about NCLB and then turn around and shove Common Core down our throats?

Person B: I have no clue but they are both terrible programs.
by RepublicofC February 19, 2014
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A bunch of fagets who dictate the way we learn and how they want us to kill ourselves and society.
Congress: We need to increase our education so we can beat China.
Obama: I got a plan *shows common core*
Congress dies.
Obama: Time to bribe the states!
by Ronald McTrump July 28, 2016
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Utter bullshit. Forces students to memorize pointless facts, do everything one way and one way only (thereby squashing any creativity they may have), and allows morons who know how to mechanically follow a formula to get As while geniuses who don't do exactly as they're told get Bs and Cs. Most brutal in middle school but gets slightly better in high school, especially if you take AP or college-level courses.
Me in 8th grade: Why do we have to answer every single one of these 25 questions in TEAL format?
Cynical ELA teacher: Because Common Core.
by QueenZ122699 September 13, 2016
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The federally illegal method of manipulating a massive number of students to all think the same way despite their personal opinions of struggles for the sole purpose of being number one in education in the world again, even if that means enormous college dropout rates and having a 8th grade middle school English teacher prompt kids to write an essay based on their connections they can make about a man who finesses and plays around with women in his free time and gets decapitated as a result, and that also means to exaggeratingly overemphasize the why over the what in math, so you end up not using your calculators as much as you do your big fat mouth, not to mention teachers not actually teaching but either

A) Telling you the information you asked is not necessary for the test even if you just WANNA KNOW

B) Telling you to look it up

C) Telling you to go ask your classmates

D) Telling you some BS

E) Telling you that you don't matter in the world
Common Core is a method which poisons our children so they can lead terribly dramatic and horrible lives.
by Conservative 1&1B February 10, 2017
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A stupid broken set of standards thought in schools supposedly to help students get ready for 'college'.

Another tested and failed standards that the bureaucrats can't just stop proving themselves on and on to not be wrong.
John a kindergartner (Old standards): MOMMY I KNOW 2+2 IS 4!
Mom to John (Old standards): Great Job John!

John a kindergartner (Common Core): MOMMY I KNOW 2+2 IS 5!
Mom to John (Common Core): What the hell has our education system come to?
by IloveApplePies2 December 23, 2017
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How about when the hw is 1+1 and the test is "two trains are going in opposite directions traveling and the speed of Lauren. If one of them stops for a lunch break at around 12 pm how many cupcakes are needed to but a human soul?"
Common core question: Joe has 250 watermelons and needs 300 how many does he need to buy? Students: why the hell does someone need 300 watermelons?
by Turtle Trey October 10, 2018
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