Ejaculating in a girl that's on her period... The resulting liquid which comes out..
Dude, she said she was on her period but I was like "I'll fuck it"... Then I nutted all up in there and left her with a nice "Pearl Jam" to deal with...
by Sofa King What March 04, 2009
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The Greatest Rock Band ever. A band who stays true to themselves and does not care about trends or album sales. Many bandwagon fans will tell you that their only good album was Ten and that everything else sucks. But true fans will love No Code and not care if it did not have any hits.
Stupid Bandwagon Fan: "Man I wish Pearl Jam would make another Ten again."

True Fan: "Fuck you, Ten was great, but they have made so much more better albums than that album."
by rockmusicman April 04, 2011
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A pretend rock band for gays to have homoerotic fantasies about.
I have more respect for Avril
by PJ sucks dog dicks March 20, 2004
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One of the big 4 of Grunge which includes Nirvana,Alice In Chains,and Soundgarden. Pearl Jam got famous for creating masterpiece albums such as Ten,Vs,Vitalogy,Yield,Binaural,Riot Act,and their newest album Backspacer. The only shit album they did was No Code. That one sucked donkey balls.
Pearl Jam can be considered a part of making Grunge popular.
by That one guy at the bar July 05, 2013
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the absolute, without a doubt, worst band of all time.
i heard a Pearl Jam song on the radio the other day and felt like shooting the DJ in the face for playing such shit
by mongo cant beat me November 20, 2011
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