PATHOS-II, located in the North Alantic Ocean, is an underwater research complex found in the video game, SOMA. The complex is owned and maintained by Haimatsu and Carthage Industries.

The complex is made up of nine different facilities:

- Upsilon: The main facility's power plant.

- Lambda: This is where a shuttle hub is located, connecting to all the facilities.

- Theta: A place where staff living quarters and administrative offices, as well as a research laboratory.

- Alpha: The location of the main core of an artificial intelligence named the WAU.

- Delta: Delta is where the payload shells for PATHOS-II's Omega Space Gun are created.

- Tau: A station located in "The Abyss" where staff living quarters (for the staff there), maintenance areas, and cargo transport system are found.

- Phi: Also located in the abyss, Phi's main purpose is to keep hold of the Omega Space Gun.

- Omega: The point where the Omega Space Gun's end is in, also used as a meteorological outpost.

- Omicron: Where almost all the research is done, also maintaining the Climber, an elevator that heads to The Abyss.

PATHOS-II was originally built in 2061 for conducting thermal mining, but when a comet hit the Earth in 2103, PATHOS-II started a project named the ARK.
"Welcome to PATHOS-II - Your Expressway to the Stars."
by RealSGII2 January 03, 2019
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